The city has a very different aspect from most other American destinations: the interior. As it is located in the American Northwest, in the state of Washington, Spokane is just a few hours from Seattle and very close to numerous national parks and North American ski resorts.


Similar to the Seattle area, but close to the Rocky Mountains, Spokane has a hot and temperate climate. It has four seasons which are well established.


Spokane is characterized by being a city of students as a small town with good education levels. Some of the tourist attractions in the city are related to old buildings , parks and natural beauty (Spokane River and Mount Spokane), in addition to the region’s attractions, such as Washington, Idaho and Montana National Parks; and the Seattle adventures.


Like any small town, Spokane is suitable for driving enthusiasts. The city was made for drivers, with wide streets and easily accessible highways. A tip for those who don’t want to buy a car: stay close to home, because the town is small but not that much.

Now let’s dive in into the main attraction of this article

What to visit when in Spokane

Riverfront park

The Riverfront Park provides many walking trails for outdoor enthusiasts, various rock formations, an IMAX theatre, a carousel built-in 1909, and a fantastic view of the Spokane River.

Rafting down the Spokane River

Everyone knows the Spokane River flows through the middle of the city and most people believe it ends in Spokane Falls … Well, here’s where ROW Adventures ends! You ‘re going to hit Category III rapids! You can also choose a less-action ride, where you can enjoy paddling through Riverside Park and watching the wildlife of the area!

Mount Spokane

Located outside the city, this mountain region offers skiing and other outdoor activities.

Centennial Trail

This 59 km car-free trail that accompanies the beautiful Spokane River has something for everyone: running, walking, cycling, horseback riding and canoeing.


A pleasant bike ride through the centre of Spokane, WA: this 15 km trail runs through some of Spokane’s historic sites, such as the Browne Addition neighbourhood and Riverfront Park.

The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC)

The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC) is American Northwest ‘s largest cultural organization in the interior: with 5 underground galleries, an orientation gallery, café, store, educational centre, community space, among others. Also included in the MAC campus are the historic Campbell House (1898), library and archive, open-air auditorium and amphitheatre. Exhibitions and programs centred on three main disciplines: American Indian and other cultures, regional history and visual arts.

Spokane, WA

We hope that this guide will help you get to know better the town of Spokane, WA and excites you and brings you to visit the town in the near future. It is a town full of life and a lot to offer and everyone is welcome to come and experience some of the best things it has to offer to the world.

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Spokane, WA, USA

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